SÓLIDA opens a new office en Rome

The engineering company, specialised in renewable energy, is committed to the Italian market and has opened a branch in Rome as part of its international expansion plan.

After carrying out projects in more than 50 countries and having offices in Spain, Brazil and Chile and a presence in as many territories, SÓLIDA continues its international expansion with the opening of a new office in the Italian capital.

“After the strong growth experienced by our company in Spain in the last five years, we were looking to expand our presence in other European markets where three key ingredients were combined: ambitious decarbonisation objectives and commitment to renewables, cultural proximity and the need for engineering firms specialising in renewable energies”, says Fernando Rueda, Managing Partner of the engineering firm.

In accordance with the objectives of the PNIEC (Piano Nazionale Integrato per l’Energia e il Clima), Italy has the challenge of installing 30 new GW of photovoltaic power by 2030. In recent years, Italy has become a strategic market for SOLIDA, which has already participated in more than 50 projects throughout the country, totalling around 1.5 GW. According to the consultancy firm’s own experience in the market, the type of projects being developed in this country is characterised by an average size that is smaller than that which has been carried out in other markets such as Spain, but which entail a higher level of technical complexity, as they tend to have irregular topography.

This is one of the points where SÓLIDA can provide added value, as the company has specialised in providing feasible solutions to this type of problem in multiple geographies. In recent years, SÓLIDA has invested heavily in proprietary technological developments which, together with its know-how and human talent, have positioned it as the leading renewable energy engineering company in numerous markets, being able to provide its clients with design solutions that lead to major cost savings in the execution phase and even improve the energy production of the plants during operation.

“We are putting all this accumulated experience to the test in Italy, where it is not only a question of solving complex problems in the implementation phase, but also of adapting to new paradigms: compatibility of uses of scarce available land (agrovoltaics) and energy storage to improve the capacity of the grids,” the SOLIDA partner explains.

When asked about the next steps in its internationalisation strategy, SÓLIDA states that “we closely monitor the macro environments and the evolution of energy policies in key markets such as Colombia, Mexico, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Australia, where we do not rule out moves in the short to medium term”.