We are celebrating a new milestone: there are now more than 200 people at SÓLIDA

Sólida surpasses the 200 employee mark worldwide

We are excited to announce that at SOLIDA we have reached a significant milestone in our growth and innovation journey – we now have more than 200 extraordinary people working together, bringing their talents and expertise from different corners of the world!

At SOLIDA, we believe that embracing diversity is not only essential, but also a key driver of innovation. Having a team that comes from diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences enriches our perspectives, fosters collaboration and allows us to approach challenges from different angles to bring pioneering solutions to our clients.

As we continue to grow and reach new heights, our global team is united by a common goal: to empower our customers, partners and communities through transformative solutions that leave a lasting impact.

We sincerely thank our customers and partners for their trust and unwavering support. Their belief in our capabilities motivates us to constantly raise the bar and deliver excellence in everything we do.

Here’s to the exciting road ahead, filled with new challenges, successes and opportunities to create positive change in the world!