Technology is in our souls. We strive for continuous improvement.

In every project, everyday Innovation, Digitisation and Process Automation are part of our culture.

The R&D team coexists with SOLIDA´s engineering teams.

Because of this we are able to develop unique vertical digital tools that are tailored for renewable energy engineering activities.

We implement a working methodology intertwined with cutting-edge technology that provides custom-made solutions for each project, in each market.

Our R&D Team, composed by engineers, physicists and mathematicians, has mastered Python, Java and C# languages and operates with SCRUM methodology. We permanently develop new tools which provide technological solutions to optimise our engineering processes and design plants more efficiently.

Innovation by definition: the software tools we develop provide tangible solutions to complex problems that have not yet been resolved.

Some of these tools are born out of a response to complex problems that are presented to our clients and others are created as a consequence of our continuous innovative and technological mentality in the field of renewable energies.

The day-to-day work of each of the departments, independent of the hierarchical position, is permeated by this innovative culture that is intrinsic within the company.

Our success stories in the fields of innovation and digitisation, have positioned SÓLIDA at the technological forefront of designs for renewable energy electricity generation plants. Some of these case studies are:

Proprietary Ray Tracing Model
Proprietary model for hybrid PV & CSP plants.
Earthworks tool to minimise Cut & Fill quantities
Proprietary model for the detailed simulation of CSP plants (parabolic through and central tower technologies).
Business Intelligence software implemented at operating CSP plants.
Proprietary software for Shadow Flicker calculation in Wind Farms.
Proprietary model for the implementation of tailor made dispatch strategies in order to capture best market pricing when storage is available.
PV Trackers Optimisation. A tool specifically developed for the optimisation of PV layouts with trackers at complex topographic sites.