Inauguration of the solar Project Cerrillares

The 50 MWp photovoltaic plant is Plenitude’s first project in Spain, which has entrusted SOLIDA with the integral PMS (Project Management Services) service.


On Tuesday, April 23, the inauguration of the “Cerrillares” photovoltaic solar plant took place, located in the municipality of Jumilla, Murcia. With an installed capacity of 50 MWp and an area of 95 hectares, the plant will significantly contribute to the generation of clean and renewable energy in the area, directly available to consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Este proyecto, propiedad de Plenitude, marca un hito importante en la expansión de la empresa italiana en España, al suponer el primero de una cartera de proyectos que entra en operación en el país.

The inauguration was attended by local authorities such as the Minister of the Environment of the Region of Murcia and the mayor of Jumilla, as well as executives from Plenitude, SÓLIDA, and Grupo Ortiz, among other companies involved in the project.

At SÓLIDA, we take pride in having contributed to the success of this project through comprehensive PMS (Project Management Services) during the construction, commissioning, and legalization phases of the installations, coordinating the project in its entirety in terms of planning, costs, quality, safety, health, environment, and permits, among other aspects.

In these nearly two years of hard work, the SÓLIDA team has carried out diverse tasks such as engineering review, technical direction, HSEQ coordination, site supervision, document management, permitting, etc.

Part of the SÓLIDA team in charge of the project together with a colleague from Iberdrola.

This diversity of services has allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the project, bringing all our experience and knowledge with a global and integrated vision.

Congratulations to everyone on another successful case!