SÓLIDA’s Vision: Key Insights for Effective Collaboration in the Solar Industry, According to Germán Villanueva

SÓLIDA, bronze sponsor of Energyear 2024 featuring Germán Villanueva’s presentation


SÓLIDA is proud to have once again sponsored Energyear Spain 2024, an event that took place on April 9th and 10th in the Spanish capital. This gathering brought together key leaders in the energy sector to address the challenges and opportunities in the renewable energy landscape

One of the standout sessions of the event was the talk titled “‘Solar Plan Design and Optimization: Comprehensive Collaboration for Maximum Productivity and Profitability”, in which Germán Villanueva, Director of Consulting and Co-development at SÓLIDA, participated. Alongside Villanueva were other distinguished speakers such as Mireia Beltrá from Trina Solar, Hector Erdociain from Chemik, Francisco Estela from LONGi, and Ángel L. Rodríguez from Elecnor, with moderation by Alicia Herrera, Account Executive at RatedPower. Together, they represented a wide range of knowledge and perspectives in the field of solar energy, from panel manufacturing to large-scale project implementation.

The discussion focused on the importance of comprehensive collaboration among various industry players to overcome the technical, regulatory, and financial challenges associated with the design and optimization of solar plants. The panelists shared innovative strategies to enhance productivity and profitability, emphasizing the need to adopt cutting-edge technologies and holistic approaches in project planning and execution.

During the discussion panel on photovoltaic energy, Germán Villanueva, representing SÓLIDA, shared valuable insights into current challenges related to permits and regulations in the sector. He highlighted the urgency of obtaining the necessary permits to initiate and complete projects, acknowledging that photovoltaic projects are long-term investments that require strategic planning.

Villanueva emphasized the importance of addressing these challenges from a long-term perspective, noting the recent extension as a relief for developers, who now have more flexibility to plan and execute their projects without the risk of losing permits. However, he also acknowledged the uncertainty that persists around regulatory procedures and grid connection requirements, which can complicate project planning and execution.

Additionally, the panelists highlighted the growing relevance of artificial intelligence, energy storage, and technology hybridization as key elements to enhance the efficiency and profitability of solar plants. In terms of technology, there was an emphasis on the continuous improvement of photovoltaic modules, with significant advancements in efficiency and durability. The importance of selecting high-quality materials from the outset to ensure reliability and performance throughout the project’s lifecycle was discussed. Moreover, new technologies such as energy storage systems were explored, transforming the way solar energy is managed and utilized.

Despite these challenges, Villanueva expressed optimism about the future of the photovoltaic sector, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between companies and authorities to find solutions that facilitate the integration of renewable energies into the electrical system. Additionally, he underscored the need for flexible, adaptable projects that can meet changing regulatory requirements and maximize long-term profitability.

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