SÓLIDA participates in Energyear Portugal

Joao Galamba, Deputy Secretary of State for Energy Portugal opened the event that took place in Lisbon

SÓLIDA participated last Tuesday in Energyear Portugal, the event that brought together professionals from the Portuguese renewables sector, as part of the Energyear 2021 tour.

The event, which took place in Lisbon, consisted of a day of conferences, workshops and meetings with managers and specialists from the renewable energy market where the main trends and developments in the sector in Portugal were analysed.

SÓLIDA could not miss the date attended by Andrés Medina, Business Development Director and Miguel Esteves, Project Manager in Portugal.

Among the different panels were examined the future of the sector in the country and the challenges to achieve the objectives for 2030, imposed in the “National Energy and Climate Plan (PNEC)”. According to it, renewable energies should represent 47% of electricity consumption in 2030, so it would be necessary to increase the installed capacity in the country to almost 29 GW.

To meet this ambitious goal, the construction of 7 new GW of photovoltaic plants and 3.5 GW of wind farms is planned for 2030, thus presenting a very favorable environment for the renewable sector.

In addition, new opportunities in the sector such as green hydrogen and storage, hybridization opportunities, interconnection challenges or new technologies and innovations to reduce the LCOE and increase the ROI of photovoltaic projects were also discussed.

In short, an interesting and complete event in which the participants were able to exchange knowledge and network both in person and through the event’s online platform.