FutureEnergy interviews Andrés Medina, Business Development Director at SÓLIDA

The interview is part of Energyear conferences’ cycle

Andrés Medina, Business Development Director of SÓLIDA Renewable Energies, within the framework of ENERGYEAR Mediterranean, which was held in Madrid on April 21 and 22.

Medina gave his vision of the current Spanish photovoltaic market and the growth experienced by SÓLIDA and the engineering companies in recent years.

“The reality is that in the last three years growth has been exponential in SÓLIDA, in general in engineering companies, but in particular in SÓLIDA we have multiplied our production capacity by four. In the end, we are a company that sells human capital, talent, and that know-how translates into people and jobs; the truth is that we are very proud to have overcome the barrier of one hundred employees. […] The “boom” that has occurred here in Spain has been one of the factors to give the company’s management that confidence to bet on growth, because that is what our clients (Utilities, promoters, EPC Contractors…) were asking us to do, who wanted us to accompany them in this important volume of projects”.

In addition, the role of engineering in the sector’s value chain was also praised, giving as an example the great challenge that in the second half of 2020 it was to achieve the milestone that 100% of the projects were accepted for processing, after the publication, in June, of the New Royal Decree-Law 23/2020.

“From SÓLIDA we were very clear that a frenetic final stretch of the year was going to come, as it was; We prepared ourselves and, when the time came, the SÓLIDA human team managed to fully commit to the projects, with deadlines where all the projects arrived at our table at the same time and where many hours were spent. My most sincere congratulations to our engineers and draftsmen who managed to achieve this milestone: 100% of the projects in which SÓLIDA has participated have been admitted for processing”.

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