SÓLIDA is awarded a new owner’s engineering contract for the common evacuation infrastructures of Torrijos Node, in Toledo

The facilities shared by 3 developers consist of a 30/220 kV collector substation and a high voltage line, which will allow the energy generated by their PV plants to be evacuated at the REE Torrijos 220 node.

SÓLIDA Energías Renovables has been awarded the contract for the owner’s engineering and project management of the electrical substation and high voltage line shared by three developers in the Torrijos 220 node. These common infrastructures will allow the evacuation of 136 MWp from three new photovoltaic plants in the province of Toledo.

With the maelstrom of GW requested from REE (Red Eléctrica de España) by all, SÓLIDA has assumed a prominent role in this and other nodes where different promoters connect, and who face the challenge of reaching an agreement among themselves to share the electrical evacuation infrastructures (substations and lines, mainly). And in this, not all solutions are valid.

The role of an independent engineering company such as SÓLIDA is essential to reach a consensus between developers from the start of project development, carrying out studies of different connection alternatives and preparing projects to obtain permits from the global point of view of the node. Once this phase is over, the owner’s engineering work continues, providing support to the pool of promoters in the purchase of the transformer and tendering of the EPC, validating the detailed engineering and acting as project management of the work.

“Clients come to us to thoroughly explore different options and let’s come up with the optimal proposal from the technical-economic point of view”, affirms Enrique Romero, Director of Operations at SÓLIDA and with numerous substations for renewables built behind him.

“Experience in this sense is a key value for the solution to be viable, even more so when it comes to integrating an infrastructure shared by several promoters,” he concludes.

SÓLIDA participates in more than 30 nodes for the evacuation of renewable energies in Spain. Some of the largest cases in which it acts as property engineering and site management are the 400 kV Campanario junction, in Albacete, and the 400 kV Villanueva de los Escuderos junction, in Cuenca, which will enable the evacuation of more than 1,200 photovoltaic MW and 150 MW of wind power between them.

SÓLIDA is a company founded in 2007 with headquarters in Madrid that offers engineering and consulting services with high added value in the renewable energy sector (PV, CSP, wind, biomass) and its electrical evacuation infrastructure (substations and power lines). It accumulates an experience of more than 50,000 MW in nearly 50 countries and has subsidiaries in Brazil, Chile and Argentina.