SOLIDA Renewable Energies reaches 100 employees

SOLIDA, a specialist in renewable energies and electrical infrastructure, has tripled its workforce in the last 3 years among its teams in Spain, Brazil and Chile.

We are all aware of the dramatic impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the economy and employment. However, the renewable energy sector is managing to cushion its impact and maintain a constant rate of growth.

This is the case of SÓLIDA Energías Renovables, a leading engineering and consulting company in the sector that continues to expand its staff in the midst of the crisis. “Since March, we have been incorporating an average of 4 professionals per month”, confirms Fernando Rueda, managing partner of SÓLIDA.

The company, with headquarters in Madrid and subsidiaries in Brazil and Chile, has been immersed in an unstoppable path of growth for 3 years that has led it to triple its workforce and reach in August the figure of 100 employees, mostly engineers.

Currently, its technical team develops the engineering of the largest photovoltaic plant in Europe, and participates in large-scale innovative projects that combine wind and photovoltaic technologies with battery solutions.

The pandemic has brought challenges such as the sudden implementation of teleworking, or the intensification of safety and hygiene measures on construction sites, many of which were interrupted for weeks.

“With the announcement of the confinement, we were forced to change our way of working from one day to the next. The adaptation to the new reality has been much faster than expected and has given us the confidence to continue growing and exploring new horizons”, says Fernando Rueda.

SÓLIDA has accumulated more than 50,000 MW of experience in photovoltaic, thermosolar, wind, substation and evacuation line projects, providing basic engineering services, detailed engineering, due diligence, property engineering, construction supervision and technical advice to the main players on the market in more than 50 countries.