SÓLIDA wants to become the leading engineering company in Chile

Andrés Medina, on the occasion of Energyear Conosur, explains to Review Energy magazine the strategic importance of Chile for SÓLIDA and the renewable sector.

SÓLIDA is recognized as one of the key players in the renewable energy sector through engineering and consultancy services. 

With offices in several countries such as Spain, Brazil and Chile and a presence in more than 50 countries around the world, it has solar photovoltaic, wind energy, thermoelectric solar and biomass projects, and has also opted for electrical evacuation infrastructure. In all these years of experience, they have worked with top-tier clients such as Repsol, Enel, Iberdrola, Shell, and other world-renowned companies.

In an interview with Review Energy, Andrés Medina, director of Business Development at Sólida Energías Renovables, and who attended the Energyear Conosur Congress, assured that the company wants to be the leading engineering company in Chile. “A very clear figure that, furthermore, was discussed in the forum, are those 22 GW that we have ahead of us to develop and build between now and 2030, that gives us a note of what is the volume that we can expect in the coming years and the challenges that lie ahead in Chile”, he assured.


“We want to be the leading engineering company in renewables in Chile, just as we have achieved in other countries such as Spain, and for that we are relying on a large local team”.


According to Medina, SÓLIDA is making several important hires and expects to double its workforce by the end of 2022. The strategy to become the leading engineering company is, as he says, that projects in Chile are led by local people, that they have the appropriate know-how and that only the necessary transfer is made from the parent company.

For the company, Latin America has always been a market par excellence. Of the 100 GW they have globally, 1 out of every 3 MW come from Latin American markets. Chile is one of them, where they have 5 GW of experience.

In order to lead the Chilean market, in addition to local contracts, Medina states that “our engineering mission is to optimise measurements, both from the point of view of civil works, earthworks and electrical and wiring work, and we believe that automation processes can help us, and that is what we are working on in the R&D team”.

Original news: Review Energy