The Renewable Campanario Node is energized in the province of Albacete

Under the project management of SOLIDA Renewable Energies, this node will allow the evacuation of 750 MW in new photovoltaic and wind projects.

With almost 200 GW requested from REE (Red Eléctrica de España), everyone is aware of the concern regarding access and connection points in Spain.

Another controversial element is the figure of the IUN (Single Node Interlocutor): promoters who connect to the same node face the challenge of reaching an agreement among themselves to share the electrical evacuation infrastructure. And in this, not all solutions are valid.

In the last two years, SÓLIDA, as a specialist in engineering for renewable projects, substations and lines, has assumed a prominent role in the study of connection alternatives for different developers and Owned Entities in the main REE nodes in the country.

“Clients come to us so that we thoroughly analyze different options and come up with the optimal proposal from a technical-economic point of view,” says Enrique Romero, Director of Operations at SÓLIDA and with the experience of numerous substations built.

“Experience in this sense is a key value for the solution to be viable, even more so when it comes to integrating an infrastructure shared by several promoters,” he concludes.